This section of my site covers guides that I’ve written and recorded to both help users in need, showcase my technical writing skills, and ability to teach in a concise and precise manner. Most technical documents I’ve written in a professional setting are confidential under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and therefore cannot be shared. This isn’t a strictly-professional zone. Caveat lector!

Technical Guides

Automate, automate, AUTOMATE!


Windows batch file guides for┬álazy (but awesome) people: Who wants to write a C++ program when you can just tell Windows to do it instead? If your answer is “Me” then I’ve got news for you son, I’ve got 99 problems but debugging code ain’t one.



UDK Guides for Beginners: These guides show very introductory basics of design, using the BSP tool, Content Browser, Kismet, and Matinee.

UDK Guides for Intermediates: These guides show some of the more advanced and practical design iterations. These guides assume that you know basic UDK functionality and methods.