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Frustrations with UDK Tutorials

I like UDK. I like it quite a bit.It’s fairly powerful and (mostly) easy to use. More than anything, it has learning curves for its proprietary system. The one thing that has been my main gripe with it so far is a lack of good, concise tutorials on some Beginner to Intermediate level content creation and editing.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good tutorials out there, but there are a lot more poorly made tutorials, both in Text and Video form, and for some categories, they straight up don’t even exist. After some Google-fu during the last month or so working in UDK, it seems that the message boards are rarely helpful for the topics I end up looking up, mostly because by the time I resort to that, I’ve exhausted my other options.

There are helpful topics out there, but the community is either unresponsive to some (seemingly) elementary solutions, or are condescending to the inquisitive lurkers for not earning their right to ask questions yet, which is apparently a thing there.

Anyway, that’s a bulk of my rant. I think I’ll start writing and recording my own tutorials soon, and take my negative experiences, turning them around, and hopefully making it a streamlined solution for a fellow person in need.

Now to dive into the documentation… This time I brought my snorkel.